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AWS offers the complete solution to Touchless Automatic technology through our distributorship with Washworld Inc USA. We can offer your business the latest class leading technology installed in a turn key operation. AWS also offers full service and parts to back up your investment.

New to Washworld's touch-free vehicle line-up is Razor® Double Barrel, specifically designed with two spray arch manifolds, one high pressure and one low pressure, to intensely maximize the wash your car receives. Double Barrel's power blasts away pesky bugs and dirt leaving your car exceptionally clean. Like Razor EDGE, Razor and Razor XR-7, Razor Double Barrel provides a safe, consistently reliable car wash system upholding the highest standards in quality and efficiency. 

Double Barrel encompasses two spray arch manifolds to give an intense cleaning that is sure to get customers talking. The stainless steel low pressure manifold includes 8 top and 14 side VeeJet nozzles, while the stainless steel high pressure manifold includes 8 top and 14 side stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles.

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